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Welcome to the Halfull Website Design Blog


The web doesn’t have to be a scary place. The goal of this blog is to address some of the common fears and misconceptions about the internet and digital marketing as a whole and present solutions that can help you and your business thrive online.

My name is Scott Clark and Halfull Design Solutions is my business. It’s a pet project I started in 2012 and while it continues to be a side gig, I’m excited every day to help my clients get the most out of their businesses’ online presence and help them the internet work for them.

A little background about myself. I’m a web/graphic designer that’s been working in the industry for more than decade. I’ve worked with a variety of companies including Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment, McMaster University, Lone Wolf Technologies and more.

Over that 10+ years I’ve honed my skills and built a significant base of knowledge that has served me and my clients well.

It’s this knowledge, experience and my creativity that I bring to this blog. I will share my thoughts on the industry, on technology news and how you can improve your digital footprint and turn your website into a revenue generator.